Omega: the Planet Ocean film shown as a preview to the 3rd Summit of the Earth in Rio

The Planet Ocean film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot in partnership with watchmaker Omega has screened in preview on the occasion of the 3rd Summit of the Earth which was held recently in Rio. This 90-minute documentary aims to change attitudes on the world’s oceans and raise awareness about the issues of the preservation of the environment and the Ecocitizenship ascribed to all inhabitants of the planet.

Planet Ocean are harnessed to explain some of the greatest mysteries of nature in relying on a speech designed to be understood by everyone.

This documentary also aims to convince the younger generation that sustainable development is not just Swiss Watches an ideal but an entirely feasible imperative.

The film combines aerial photographs that have forged the reputation of Arthus-Bertrand to underwater photographs produced by a team of cameramen Award for his work.

When asked why Omega chose to partner with Yann – Arthus Bertrand, president of the watchmaking brand Stephen Urquhart said: “no one could make this film with so much talent. Yann Arthus-Bertrand is both a convinced environmentalist and global specialist of aerial photography; This dual role allows him to pass on the screen all the Majesty and the splendor of the world’s oceans. With Michael and his team, he has done a remarkable job. ?

Remember that Omega feeds long long a true passion for the world’s oceans and has invested for their preservation. In 1932, the brand launched the Navy diver’s watch. Four years later, the American Charles William Beebe, naturalist, Explorer marine and co-inventor of the bathysphere, praised the Omega Navy accompanying fourteen metres during the long underwater expeditions in the depths of the Pacific ocean.

Yves Le Prieur, father of manual aqualung, has often been photographed under water with its Marine Omega wrist. Meanwhile, Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau was equipped with an Omega Ploprof. And the great Replica Rolex Jacques Mayol, mythical free diver nicknamed “human Dolphin”, always relying on his OMEGA Seamaster whenever he beat a diving record.

When fire Sir Peter Blake, friend of Omega and brand Ambassador, put an end to his career of browser engineering, he decided to devote all his time and energy to protecting these oceans that he cherished so much. Sir Peter had the credo: “no water, no life.” His Blakexpeditions NGOs worked under the aegis of the United Nations and Omega. Great admirer of the range Seamaster, which, more than any other embodies the philosophy of the Biel based watch, Blake pays him homage by baptizing his schooner of the same name. After him have taken to Antarctica, in 2001, he set sail on the Amazon, where he is killed by pirates in December of the same year.

Fortunately, the adventure of the Seamaster does not stop there, since the boat sails today under the name of Tara. Established almost ten years ago, the Tara Expéditions Foundation organizes educational and scientific missions on the schooner. The scientists from the Tara relied on the knowledge that they have engrangées during their trips to bring their lighting advised during the design of the film.

étienne Bourgois, president of Tara Expeditions, said: “while I regret never to have known Sir Peter Blake, I am proud that the Seamaster is still marked by its footprint and do honour to its values. This vessel has become a legend in the world, through all the Oceanographic missions he has conducted from 1989 to this day. ?

The partnership between Omega and the Planet Ocean film pays tribute to the philosophy of Peter Blake and the work he has made throughout his life for the preservation and exploration of the oceans. The Summit of the Earth 2012, which has focused on the themes of the vision, cooperation and transformation, was held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) from 20 to 22 last June.

Omega, official timekeeper of the 2012 London Olympic Games has just presented its global advertising campaign for the London 2012 OJ “celebrating the rich Olympic heritage of the brand and the great historic moments that embody the essence of the Olympic movement.

This spot television, produced in versions of 15, 30 and 60 seconds, staged the Chinese diver Qiu Bo, the American swimmer Natalie Coughlin, the heptathlete British Jessica Ennis, the American sprinter Tyson Gay, the South African swimmer Chad Le Clos and the Pan American pole vaulter Jenn Suhr

Of course, all participate in the OJ of London and all, belong to the team of ambassadors of the Biel based watch.

Can observe small rituals developed implemented by athletes for better focus in the moments preceding the event; in these times where everyone tries to find the perfect balance before embarking.

The soundtrack is signed by the Rolling Stones, who in this Olympic year celebrate their 50 years of activity. Their tube of 1982, Start Me Up, with its instantly recognisable intro riff, was remixed by the famous producer Don Was and is a hymn perfect for athletes from around the world.

“We were very ambitious level of calendar shoot and selected places,” explains the president of Omega Stephen Urquhart. “But the result is spectacular and we are not disappointed. In addition, the Rolling Stones embody the London Group by excellence and we are delighted with this remix, which gives a second youth in this awesome piece that all made us vibrate thirty years ago. ?

The spot was filmed January 2012 in five different places in South Florida. Jessica Ennis and Jenn Suhr were filmed at Sun Life Stadium, the home of the Miami Dolphins football team. The filming of the rowers of the Miami Rowing Club and an archer in contention in the OJ was held at the Miami Marine Stadium in Key Biscayne. That Bo raced from the springboard of 10 metres from the Aquatic Complex in Fort Lauderdale, while Tyson Gay and his comrades of the Pure Athletics in Orlando club’s training went to the Curtis Park in Miami. Finally, Natalie Coughlin and Chad Le Clos were filmed in the new aquatic complex at the Ransom Everglades School.

“It has been an exceptional day,” said Natalie Coughlin. “The timing is a fundamental element in swimming.” ?It is a great honour to participate in this spot as an Ambassador Omega?, said his side Jessica Ennis. “It is a privilege to appear alongside all of these so talented athletes.”

“I spent an incredible moment with all my partners,” also welcomed Tyson Gay after filming in Miami. “We spent our time joking around and laughing. I’m really happy to have shared this experience with them. ?

“It was the first time that I was going to the United States and I didn’t want to go home,” said Chad Le Clos after its meeting. “It was a place so fabulous. The school and the structures were fantastic. This is all new to me to be filmed, but it I wouldn’t start again. ?

?The Omega team has really done everything to put me at ease in an environment that destabilizing me a little?, Jenn Suhr slipped at the end of filming in Miami. “It really represents an amount of impressive work, particularly at the level of preparation, and it involves a lot of technicians on the plateau.”